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Demand an Apology from Fox for Insulting Iranian Player Haddadi

Irancove @ November 22, 2009 # 5 Comments

Iranian Americans all over America are proud that there finally is an Iranian player in the NBA. But last night, that sentiment wasn’t shared by Ralph Lawler and Michael Smith, Fox Sports anchors, who hurled insults, including borderline racial slurs, at Haddadi.Speaking derogatory about Haddadi’s Iranian background, Lawler and Smith compared Haddadi to Borat. According […]

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The smear of the National Iranian American Council

Irancove @ November 16, 2009 # 12 Comments

Daniel Loban describes a series of emails between neocon, Kenneth Timmerman (who blames September 11 on Iran), and “journalist”/MEK operative Hassan Daioleslam — and their campaign to discredit NIAC: Following up on our coverage of the campaign to destroy the National Iranian-American Council (NIAC), Josh Rogin at the Cable has more information on the background […]

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