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Elliott Abrams says Iranians would not oppose being attacked

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Responding to Fox News Poll (very scientific, I’m sure) where 59% of responders favored military force against Iran, Abrams said:

ABRAMS: It’s a very big question, Alisyn. My own view is that most Iranians now — after June, after the stealing of the election — would not rally around the flag. People used to say that — that if there’s an attack on Iran, you know the population is going to get patriotic. But that’s what Americans would do. I don’t know that it’s what Iranians are going to do, considering the way that regime is hated in Iran.

I’m not sure what qualifies Abrams to comment on Iran when he was personally involved with selling weapons to the Islamic Republic, using that money to support terrorism in Central America, and lying about it to Congress:

Abrams is best known for his role in the Iran-Contra scandal. He was indicted by a special prosecutor for intentionally deceiving Congress about the Reagan administration’s role in supporting the Contras—including his own central role in the Iran-Contra arms deal.

Abrams was pardoned by the fist Bush on Christmas Eve 1992.


Irancove @ October 2, 2009

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