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The Devil is in the Details

Irancove @ September 29, 2009 # 5 Comments

Former Iraq UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter untangles some of the mess: Beware politically motivated hype. While on the surface, Obama’s dramatic intervention seemed sound, the devil is always in the details. The “rules” Iran is accused of breaking are not vague, but rather spelled out in clear terms. In accordance with Article 42 of […]

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Translation of Revolutionary Guards Statement

Irancove @ September 29, 2009 # One Comment

Translated by the USG Open Source Center at Informed Comment: And now here’s something you won’t read in major American newspapers or see on American television. The USG Open Source Center translated remarks to Iranian television of General Hoseyn Salami, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Air Force concerning Iran’s Monday missile tests (Islamic Republic […]

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