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Milhollin on Iran, a Hangover from Iraq

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In a short piece in the NYT, Gary Milhollin argues for pressing sanctions against Iran for its nuclear energy program. Milhollin is the editor of “Iran Watch: Tracking Iran’s Mass Destruction Weapon Capabilities.” Before Iran Watch, Milhollin published “Iraq Watch,” a site dedicated to “tracking weapons of mass destruction in Iraq” (the site is “no longer being updated”).

In 2002, Milhollin called Hans Blix, the former UN weapons inspector, “timid.” When no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq and some voices were calling for more inspections before going to war, Milhollin argued that inspections could never work (citing reasons like Saddam’s mobile labratories).  He concluded the article with:

For inspectors to do their job, they have to have the truth, which can only come from the Iraqis. As President Bush told the United Nations last week, the world needs an Iraqi government that will stop lying and surrender the weapons programs. That is not likely to happen as long as Saddam Hussein remains in power.

In Januray 2003, months before the Iraq invasion, Milhollin labeled the UN weapons inspector tasked with finding weapons of mass destruction, “irrelevant.”

Eventually, weapons of mass destruction could be found in Iraq as promised.


Irancove @ September 26, 2009

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