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Why I threw the shoe

Irancove @ September 18, 2009 # 5 Comments

by Muntazer al Zaidi I am free. But my country is still a prisoner of war. There has been a lot of talk about the action and about the person who took it, and about the hero and the heroic act, and the symbol and the symbolic act. But, simply, I answer: what compelled me […]

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Missile Shield Tailspin

Irancove @ September 18, 2009 # 4 Comments

John Barry is still peddling the Bush Administration talking point that the missile shield in Europe was intended to protect Central Europe from Iran. President Obama’s decision to scrap the missile interceptor planned for Central Europe doesn’t mean Europeans will be unprotected from Iran. They’ll just be protected from a system that actually exists—and works. […]

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Desperate, Screaming Headline from CSM

Irancove @ September 18, 2009 # 4 Comments

The Christian Science Monitor article title draws the conclusion in its piece titled, “Ahmadinejad says he won’t rule out  an Iran nuclear bomb,” from this excerpt: In excerpts of an interview aired Thursday night on NBC News, Ahmadinejad said that “the enrichment of uranium for peaceful purposes… will never be closed down here in Iran.” […]

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