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Perry’s article calling for military coup against Obama

Irancove @ September 30, 2009 # 5 Comments

Newsmax published, then removed, an article by John L. Perry that called for “domestic military intervention” to remove Obama from power. Perry, like other conservative spin doctors, tried to blame Obama for the possibility of Israel starting war with Iran: So, if you are one of those observant military professionals, what do you do?…Wait until […]

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The Devil is in the Details

Irancove @ September 29, 2009 # 5 Comments

Former Iraq UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter untangles some of the mess: Beware politically motivated hype. While on the surface, Obama’s dramatic intervention seemed sound, the devil is always in the details. The “rules” Iran is accused of breaking are not vague, but rather spelled out in clear terms. In accordance with Article 42 of […]

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Translation of Revolutionary Guards Statement

Irancove @ September 29, 2009 # One Comment

Translated by the USG Open Source Center at Informed Comment: And now here’s something you won’t read in major American newspapers or see on American television. The USG Open Source Center translated remarks to Iranian television of General Hoseyn Salami, commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Air Force concerning Iran’s Monday missile tests (Islamic Republic […]

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The Most Dangerous Nuclear Facility in the Middle East

Irancove @ September 28, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Juan Cole: There is no good evidence that Iran has a nuclear weapons program. It has offered to allow regular International Atomic Energy Agency inspections of the newly announced facility near Qom, which would effectively prevent it from being used for weapons production. There is a secret nuclear facility in the Middle East, however, producing […]

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Kyl wants war

Irancove @ September 27, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Kyl wants to “get a regime change with a group of people in there that are more representative of the Iranian people.” Kyl also cosponsored the Lieberman-Kyle amendment last year, which was designed to push the U.S. into starting another war.

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Why Iran’s nuclear drama took center stage

Irancove @ September 27, 2009 # 7 Comments

Sharmine Narwani at the Huffington Post lays down a fact that is absent from almost every MSM news about the latest iteration of the Iranian nuclear program. Excerpt: Fact: The current rate of inspection of Iran’s nuclear facilities is an inspector’s visit every other week. It is by far the most heavily enforced inspections regime […]

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He who screams loudest

Irancove @ September 26, 2009 # 3 Comments

Gareth Smyth reports on the details of the nuclear commotion from the Tehran Bureau. Key paragraphs below: Under the basic requirements of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty (NPT), a state is obliged to tell the IAEA about any site 180 days before any nuclear material is introduced. In 2003, Iran agreed to a stiffer requirement, the […]

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Greenwald: Should any Iraq lessons be applied to Iran?

Irancove @ September 26, 2009 # One Comment

Glenn Greenwald’s excellent post about the latest rash of Iranophobia says it all.

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Milhollin on Iran, a Hangover from Iraq

Irancove @ September 26, 2009 # 3 Comments

In a short piece in the NYT, Gary Milhollin argues for pressing sanctions against Iran for its nuclear energy program. Milhollin is the editor of “Iran Watch: Tracking Iran’s Mass Destruction Weapon Capabilities.” Before Iran Watch, Milhollin published “Iraq Watch,” a site dedicated to “tracking weapons of mass destruction in Iraq” (the site is “no […]

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World’s top nuclear powers “demand Iran nuke site opened”

Irancove @ September 25, 2009 # 6 Comments

Will they demand the same of themselves? According to the Telegraph: Building work “started in earnest” in the middle of 2006, sources said, with workers tunneling into the side of a mountain to excavate a space large enough for around 3,000 centrifuges for enriching uranium. While that may sound large, sources say it is “insufficient […]

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Full Spectrum Dominance and Missile Defense

Irancove @ September 24, 2009 # One Comment

Considering all the dense rhetoric about the Iranian threat to Europe as justification for a U.S. missile shield next door to Russia, it is refreshing to hear adults discuss the subject: More at The Real News

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On Dan Rather’s upcoming production

Irancove @ September 23, 2009 # 3 Comments

Pat Lang: It should be no secret now that a massive political warfare campaign is underway that is intended to push the United States into war with Iran.

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Lieberman Being Lieberman

Irancove @ September 23, 2009 # 2 Comments

Two weeks before talks are set to begin with Iran, Senator Joseph Lieberman (I-CT) told a Bipartisan Policy Center forum that “the possible use of military force needs to be put back on the table in our discussions with Iran.”

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Does Iran want to be a pariah?

Irancove @ September 22, 2009 # 3 Comments

By Juan Cole at Salon: Iran’s hard-liners are pushing their country into a dangerous and perhaps crippling isolation that could, if Tehran continues on this path, eventually make it another North Korea. Having damaged their legitimacy at home with a stolen election, which is still being actively protested in the streets months later, Supreme Leader […]

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More and more Jewish voices oppose Israeli promoted preemptive attack on Iran

Irancove @ September 21, 2009 # No Comment Yet

By Allan C. Brownfield at Media Monitors: “Israel’s new government has declared that it will not move ahead with the core issue of peace talks with the Palestinians until it sees progress in U.S. efforts to stop Iran’s suspected pursuit of a nuclear weapon. The emerging Israeli position, announced by Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu during […]

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Iran was an easier enemy before we saw their faces

Irancove @ September 20, 2009 # One Comment

By David Bromwich via the Huffington Post If you want to kill with a clean conscience, the faces of the enemy had better be blank. Start to see them as human beings and it becomes harder to blockade and bomb them, to mine, and pollute, and “destabilize.” President Clinton had no imagining of the disease […]

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Why I threw the shoe

Irancove @ September 18, 2009 # 5 Comments

by Muntazer al Zaidi I am free. But my country is still a prisoner of war. There has been a lot of talk about the action and about the person who took it, and about the hero and the heroic act, and the symbol and the symbolic act. But, simply, I answer: what compelled me […]

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Missile Shield Tailspin

Irancove @ September 18, 2009 # 4 Comments

John Barry is still peddling the Bush Administration talking point that the missile shield in Europe was intended to protect Central Europe from Iran. President Obama’s decision to scrap the missile interceptor planned for Central Europe doesn’t mean Europeans will be unprotected from Iran. They’ll just be protected from a system that actually exists—and works. […]

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Desperate, Screaming Headline from CSM

Irancove @ September 18, 2009 # 4 Comments

The Christian Science Monitor article title draws the conclusion in its piece titled, “Ahmadinejad says he won’t rule out  an Iran nuclear bomb,” from this excerpt: In excerpts of an interview aired Thursday night on NBC News, Ahmadinejad said that “the enrichment of uranium for peaceful purposes… will never be closed down here in Iran.” […]

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Ehud Barak: Iran is not an existential threat to Israel

Irancove @ September 17, 2009 # 2 Comments

Ehud Barak departs from past Israeli statements that pronounced Iran as an existential threat to Israel.  Regarding Iran’s nuclear energy program, Barak declared, “I am no among those who believe Iran is an existential threat to Israel.”

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Ahmadinejad’s Nuclear Folly

Irancove @ September 17, 2009 # 11 Comments

Farideh Farhi describes the effects of the fissures caused by the June elections in Iran on the nuclear energy issue.

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Israeli warmongering is…Obama’s fault

Irancove @ September 16, 2009 # 4 Comments

Brett Stephens thinks Obama is to blame for an unprovoked Israeli attack on Iran. While the article directs all blame towards Obama and Iran, it portrays Israeli belligerence as unavoidable and in “Israel’s best interest.” Does Israel’s best interest serve the best interests of the U.S. and Iran? The subtitle —”President Obama can’t outsource matters […]

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NIAC Urges for Human Rights to be Included in Diplomacy with Iran

Irancove @ September 14, 2009 # One Comment

via NIAC: Washington DC – On the announcement of the P5+1 meeting with Iran on October 1 and the initiation of diplomatic talks, the National Iranian American Council issued the following statement. On October 1, the P5+1, consisting of the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany, are scheduled to begin talks […]

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The “Rambling” Meme

Irancove @ September 14, 2009 # 2 Comments

Adrian Blomfield describes Iran’s “rambling five page document presented to western diplomats last week.” I have noticed the frequent use of the word “rambling” to describe texts or speeches coming from Iran and in particular, Ahmadinejad. A few examples: In a very long (and rambling) opinion piece, Mike Baker describes Ahmadinejad’s speech to the U.N […]

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Updated Text of Iran’s Package to “5+1” Group

Irancove @ September 14, 2009 # No Comment Yet

Iran submitted its updated nuclear package to the six major powers (five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany) on Wednesday. The package was presented to the countries’ ambassadors or representatives in Tehran.   Following is the complete text of the package:   In the Name of the Almighty Cooperation for Peace, Justice […]

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Michael Ledeen…

Irancove @ September 11, 2009 # 4 Comments

Why is Michael Ledeen still allowed to “write” about Iran?  If you haven’t actually read the Iranian letter, you should. To say that it is unresponsive to the endless ultimata issuing forth from the “Five plus One” (meaning France, Britain, Germany, China, and Russia, plus the United States), and all the leaks promising “tough sanctions” […]

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Throwing Ahmadinejad a Lifeline

Irancove @ September 11, 2009 # 2 Comments

Hossein Askari and Trita Parsi argue in the NYT: In an effort to squeeze Iran into submission over its nuclear policy, Congress and the White House are edging toward a gasoline embargo. This would do nothing to force Iran into submission. In fact, it would be a blessing for the hard-line government to once again […]

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Cheney pushed for military strikes on Iran in waning days of Bush Administration.

Irancove @ September 1, 2009 # 2 Comments

Cheney: “I was probably a bigger advocate of military action than any of my colleagues.”

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