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More Unrest

Irancove @ July 17, 2009 # 7 Comments

the AP’s Ali Akbar Dareini reports: TEHRAN, Iran – In a sign of endurance for Iran’s protest movement, demonstrators clashed with police Friday as one of the nation’s most powerful clerics challenged the supreme leader during Muslim prayers, saying country was in crisis in the wake of a disputed election. The turnout of tens of […]

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Laura Secor: Behind Iran’s Silence

Irancove @ July 17, 2009 # 9 Comments

via The New Yorker: The American attention span for foreign crises is notoriously short. In the two weeks since Iran’s disputed election and the ensuing protests and violence, Michael Jackson died, Sarah Palin resigned, and news from Iran slipped below the fold and into the inside pages of most daily newspapers. In this case, however, […]

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Unrest after Rafsanjani speech

Irancove @ July 17, 2009 # 3 Comments

by Borzou Daraghi and Ramin Mostaghim of the Los Angeles Times: Ayatollah Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani’s harsh rebuke of Ahmadinejad supporters is followed by renewed violence, suggesting the discontent over recent election results is as strong as ever. 9:24 AM PDT, July 17, 2009 Reporting from Tehran and Beirut — Security forces fired tear gas […]

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What comes next for Iran?

Irancove @ July 17, 2009 # No Comment Yet

According to Mehdi Mozaffari: The Iranian crisis came like a bolt out of the blue. Neither Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei nor the outside world could have predicted that the presidential election would result in the deepest political and institutional crisis in the history of the Islamic republic. But although the crisis arose suddenly, it […]

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Ahmadinejad appoints controversial Mashaie as vice president

Irancove @ July 17, 2009 # 7 Comments

AFP: TEHRAN — President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has appointed his controversial aide Esfandiar Rahim Mashaie as the country’s new first vice president, the official IRNA news agency reported. “Ahmadinejad has announced that Mashaie will serve as the new first vice president in the next government,” IRNA said. Mashaie a year ago was severely criticised by the […]

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