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Michael Ledeen in Orbit

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More drool from Michael Ledeen (in the WSJ, of course):

Last week Iran put its own telecommunications satellite into orbit. U.S. officials in the White House, the State Department and the Pentagon were certainly right to warn that this shows that the mullahs have now mastered the technology needed to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles. But the terror masters in Tehran believe the satellite has an even greater significance — another step toward the return of the Shiite messiah, or Mahdi, the long-vanished 12th Imam.

Many Iranian leaders believe that the 12th Imam will return in the Last Days, which will be marked by global chaos and conflict, at the end of which Muslim believers will have conquered the infidels and the mullahs will rule the world. According to medieval Shiite texts, a message announcing the Mahdi’s return will be carried to the four corners of the world so that none will be able to say he did not know that the Last Days were soon to arrive.

His lies and bizarre fantasies have been covered substantially enough on this site, and by others, so there is no reason to go into it again here.  But for the sake of general amusement, in 2003 “Iran expert” Michael Ledeen predicted that:

As reported here some weeks ago, the Iranians believe they now have all the necessary components for a nuclear bomb. The only question is how long it will take them to assemble and test it. Khamenei had hoped to be able to test an atomic bomb by the third week in October, but his scientific advisers recently told him they could not make that deadline. They are now aiming for November 4 or 5, the anniversary of the seizure of the American embassy in Tehran during the revolution.

There is another November date our leaders should take seriously: the 25th, the anniversary of the disappearance of the twelfth imam, and thus the most significant date in the Shiite calendar. Reports from Tehran suggest that the mullahs would like to celebrate that anniversary with a big-time terrorist attack against America.

Irancove @ February 17, 2009

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