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Israel, Gaza and Iran: Trapping Obama in Imagined Fault Lines

Irancove @ January 14, 2009 # 3 Comments

by Trita Parsi at the Huffington Post In talking about the assault on Gaza, neo-conservative pundits and Israeli hardliners have relied on a familiar frame. The fighting in Gaza, they say, is a struggle between Israel and so-called “moderate” Arab states (namely, Egypt, Jordan and Saudi Arabia) on the one hand, and Iran, Syria, Hezbollah […]

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Disagreements on Makkinejad’s Reading of Khamenei

Irancove @ January 12, 2009 # 7 Comments

Sadegh disagrees with Makkinejad.

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Khamenei’s Comments on Gaza

Irancove @ January 11, 2009 # 7 Comments

See Khamenei’s comments here.  Babak Makkinejad explains at Pat Lang’s blog: Even though there is no central authority that speaks for Islam, there are times and places when  an authoritative Doctor of Religious Sciences (of Islam) speaks for Islam; i.e. his legal opinion becomes the de facto position of Muslims everywhere. Ayatollah Khamenei’s statement of […]

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