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The Iranians Are Coming! Anniversary of Michael Ledeen Warnings Coming Up

Irancove @ November 1, 2008 # 4 Comments

Dire warnings from Michael Ledeen’s 2003 article.  Ledeen still appears on cable TV and gives conferences as an “Iran expert” even though he doesn’t speak the language, has never been to Iran, and can’t ever seem to get anything right. Ledeen in 2003:  As reported here some weeks ago, the Iranians believe they now have […]

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Rubin: McCain’s Racism Trifecta

Irancove @ November 1, 2008 # 8 Comments

Barnett Rubin: I can’t stop stewing over this attack on Rashid Khalidi. Even the Washington Post editorial board called out the Republicans on this one, quoting Rashid as saying he would just wait till the “idiot wind” blows over. That’s the editorial’s title: Idiot Wind.” I have been wondering why among all the awful things […]

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