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Hamid Dabashi on Iran

Irancove @ October 16, 2008 # 7 Comments

Compliments of Eteraz: Part 1: Part 2: Part 3:

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Wanna invade Iran? Prepare for possible encounters with the natives using the military’s handy field guide.

Irancove @ October 16, 2008 # 4 Comments

Will there be a book on The Iranian Mind also? (via War and Piece and The Center for Public Integrity): PaperTrail has obtained an exclusive copy of the military’s field guide for cultural intelligence for possible military operations in Iran, which is designed to help the U.S. military understand foreign cultures. Though nowhere near as […]

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Jackson Denies Taheri’s NYPost on “Zionist”

Irancove @ October 16, 2008 # 6 Comments

Amir Taheri, a notorious fabricator, is accused of lying again.  Considering his dubious record, it’s a testament to the shoddy, tabloid nature of papers like the New York Post who continue to publish his tales.

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Can Knight Rider Save the World from Iranian Nuclear Weapons?!

Irancove @ October 16, 2008 # 12 Comments

It’s a sad day when the declarations of our politicians and pundits have all the intellectual depth and honesty of an episode of Knight Rider. As a good friend told me, I sincerely hope that Michael Knight is able to track down the missing Iranian nuclear physicist with intimate knowledge of their nuclear weapons program […]

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Fox and Bin Laden’s Shadow

Irancove @ October 16, 2008 # 11 Comments

Fox uses Usama Bin Laden’s silhouette to denote “Muslim terrorist” when pictures of some of their subjects aren’t available.  For example, on October 16, 2007, Fox reported on Samir Khan—a twenty-one year old American of Saudi decent—who operated a website that relayed messages from various “jihadi” groups.  Anchor Bill Hemmer commented, “we can not show […]

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Phyllis Bennis: Understanding the U.S.-Iran Crisis

Irancove @ October 16, 2008 # 8 Comments

By Phyllis Bennis (Via Information Clearing House) Is Iran a threat to the United States? 15/10/08 “Foreign Policy In Focus” — The Bush administration has claimed, almost since coming into office, that Iran is a “threat” to the US. Even US intelligence agencies agree that Iran doesn’t possess nuclear weapons or a nuclear weapons program, […]

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