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Tricks and Lies

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The website United Against Iran is loaded with disinformation about Iran.  Below is a  representative example.  Looking through their FAQ, one frequently asked question is:


Part of the response:

In a June, 2008 interview with Al Arabiya, IAEA DG Mohamed ElBaradei Stated Iran Could Have a Nuclear Weapon in “six months to one year.”

UANI did not provide a link or citation for this, so I had to “research it” through google.  The interview with Saudi owned Al-Arabiya is pasted below (the full transcript is available at MEMRI, an undoubtedly anti-Iranian organization.  The story was also covered here, here, here and here).  It reveals the hollow and specious nature of the arguments made by fronts like UANI.

If It Wants To Produce Nuclear Weapons, Iran Would Have To “Leave The NPT, Expel The IAEA Inspectors, And… It Would Need At Least Six Months to One Year”

Mohamed ElBaradei: “If Iran wants to turn to the production of nuclear weapons, it must leave the NPT, expel the IAEA inspectors, and then it would need at least… Considering the number of centrifuges and the quantity of uranium Iran has…”

Interviewer: “How much time would it need?”

ElBaradei: “It would need at least six months to one year. Therefore, Iran will not be able to reach the point where we would wake up one morning to an Iran with a nuclear weapon.”

Interviewer: “Excuse me, I would like to clarify this for our viewers. If Iran decides today to expel the IAEA from the country, it will need six months…”

ElBaradei: “Or one year, at least…”

Interviewer:”… to produce [nuclear] weapons?”

ElBaradei: “It would need this period to produce a weapon, and to obtain highly-enriched uranium in sufficient quantities for a single nuclear weapon.” […]

“A Military Strike [Against Iran] Would Be the Worst Thing Possible”

“In my view, a military strike would be the worst thing possible. It would turn the Middle East into a ball of fire.”


Interviewer: “So there is no justification for an attack…”

“There Will Be No Point in My Continuing My Work If Military Force Is Used”

ElBaradei: “The day I believe that the international system has begun to collapse is the day I will resign.”


Interviewer: “If the world reaches a consensus that there is no solution but to attack Iran, would you still resign? What if Europe, America, and the entire West agree that the only resolution is a military one?”

ElBaradei: “I don’t think that what we are seeing today in Iran poses a clear, imminent, and immediate danger.”

Interviewer: “But in a year or two, it could become…”

ElBaradei: “If this happens, it will be a different story, but if a military strike is launched against Iran now, in my opinion, I will have no choice but to…”

Interviewer: “So there is no justification for a strike against Iran today.”

ElBaradei: “None whatsoever. There will be no point in my continuing my work if military force is used at present.”

As stated in the UANI page, “the point is clear.”

Iran is a signatory of the NPT and has submitted to more inspections in the history of the IAEA.  UANI also glaringly ignores the findings of the last National Intelligence Estimate (pdf), which declares Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program.

Irancove @ October 2, 2008

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