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RNC Film Links Iran to 9/11

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According to Juan Cole:

One of those slick films shown at the convention on Thursday commemorating the victims of 9/11 actually asserted that “it began in 1979” with the taking of US embassy personnel hostage in Tehran. The film then skipped over to the Sunni radicals. I can’t understand what the Iranian hostage crisis has to do with 9/11. This conflating of all Muslim movements, in which McCain frequently engages, is just another Big Lie. Iranians were upset by 9/11 and sympathetic to the US, holding candlelight vigils. President Khatami spoke heartwarmingly against the terrorism that had struck the US, explaining that Iran had also suffered grievously from terrorism.

Moreover, Gary Sick gave circumstantial evidence that Reagan dealt with the Iranians behind the scenes to forestall a hostage release that would reelect Jimmy Carter. And Reagan’s extensive dealings with the regime in Tehran, to the point of stealing weaponry from the Pentagon warehouses and selling it to Ayatollah Khomeini, are well known. Now for Reagan’s heirs to blame 9/11 of their old partner in crime, Iran, is rich (not to mention being pathological in its dishonesty).

Irancove @ September 5, 2008

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