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Pro McCain Group and Islamophobic “Obsession”

Irancove @ September 29, 2008 # 4 Comments

This week, 28 million copies of a right-wing, terror propaganda DVD are being mailed and bundled in newspaper deliveries to voters in swing states. The 60-minute DVDs, titled Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West, are landing on doorsteps in a campaign coinciding with the 7th anniversary of the Sept. 11 attacks. Funding is coming […]

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Iran War Resolution Buried

Irancove @ September 26, 2008 # One Comment

by Nicholas Kralev The House Democratic leadership has effectively shelved a resolution calling for what critics say would amount to a naval blockade of Iran because of concerns that it could provoke another war, officials on Capitol Hill said.

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Israel asked US for green light to bomb nuclear sites in Iran

Irancove @ September 25, 2008 # 3 Comments

by Jonathan Steele at the Guardian Israel gave serious thought this spring to launching a military strike on Iran’s nuclear sites but was told by President George W Bush that he would not support it and did not expect to revise that view for the rest of his presidency, senior European diplomatic sources have told […]

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“Witchhunter” Prays Over Sarah Palin

Irancove @ September 25, 2008 # Comments Off on “Witchhunter” Prays Over Sarah Palin

Witch hunter Thomas Muthee defeated a local witch named Mama Jane in a spiritual battle and liberated his town from sin.  Here he prays over Sarah Palin, imploring Jesus to protect Palin from the spirit of witchcraft.

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Obama goes over the top in bashing Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Irancove @ September 25, 2008 # 9 Comments

Once again, U.S. politicians, including both Sarah Palin and Barack Obama, pile on the Iranian president. Why does Larry King (!) sound like the adult in the room? By Juan Cole Sep. 24, 2008 | Sen. Barack Obama responded with outrage to the remarks made Tuesday by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad before the United Nations […]

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New IAEA Report on Iran

Irancove @ September 16, 2008 # 4 Comments

Dr. Farideh Farhi: With the exception of one potentially important nugget about the possibility of Iran drawing on “foreign expertise” in conducting experiments on a detonator suitable for an implosion-type nuclear weapon, the latest IAEA report offers little that is different from its previous report.  In many ways, it effectively confirms that there is little […]

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Cheney Scales New Heights of Hypocrisy

Irancove @ September 14, 2008 # 2 Comments

Cheney: “Recent occurrences in Georgia, beginning with the military invasion by Russia, have been flatly contrary to some of our most deeply held beliefs. Russian forces crossed an internationally recognized border into a sovereign state; fueled and fomented an internal conflict; conducted acts of war without regard for innocent life, killing civilians and causing the […]

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Tehran feels an Arab sting

Irancove @ September 13, 2008 # 3 Comments

By Sami Moubayed DAMASCUS – Never has the Arab press been filled with so many critical stories of Iran. The trend is striking, and proves just how influential the Saudi and American media have been at painting a very dark and “dangerous” picture of the Islamic Republic. Slowly but surely, Arab columnists have started filing […]

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US a step closer to Iran blockade

Irancove @ September 13, 2008 # 9 Comments

by Kaveh Afrasiabi The United States government has imposed new sanctions on Iran, this time targeting its shipping industry, by blacklisting the main shipping line and 18 subsidiaries, accusing the maritime carrier of being engaged in contraband nuclear material, a charge vehemently denied by Iran. While the economic impact of the measures against Islamic Republic […]

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Sarah Palin on Iran: Broken record of sophistry

Irancove @ September 12, 2008 # No Comment Yet

Palin’s insubstantial response on the Charlie Gibson interview regarding Iran reveals her simplistic worldview: GIBSON: Let me turn to Iran. Do you consider a nuclear Iran to be an existential threat to Israel? PALIN: I believe that under the leadership of Ahmadinejad, nuclear weapons in the hands of his government are extremely dangerous to everyone […]

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Concerned that they may be used against Iran, US turned down Israeli request for “security items”

Irancove @ September 12, 2008 # 7 Comments

Haaretz: The security aid package the United States has refused to give Israel for the past few months out of concern that Israel would use it to attack nuclear facilities in Iran included a large number of “bunker-buster” bombs, permission to use an air corridor to Iran, an advanced technological system and refueling planes. Col […]

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al Qaeda Blames Iran, Shiites and “Persians” as Main Enemy

Irancove @ September 11, 2008 # 2 Comments

Historian Gareth Porter and Pepe Escobar on al Qaeda’s view that Iran is their main enemy, and their efforts to get the US to fight Iran on al Qaeda’s behalf: Do  Kenneth Timmerman,  Con Coughlin, John McCain, or Michael Ledeen know?

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The Big Red One™

Irancove @ September 11, 2008 # 5 Comments

A very interesting post on the marketing of war.

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Israeli President Says No to Bombing Iran

Irancove @ September 10, 2008 # 3 Comments

A shifting mood in Israel?  Israel’s president Shimon Peres came out unequivocally against the “military option” against Iran, saying that it can trigger a bigger war.  According to Daniel Levy, this is the first time an Israeli president has made such a candid statement against attacking Iran.

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Larijani: No decision yet on US interests section in Iran

Irancove @ September 8, 2008 # 2 Comments

Mehr News: TEHRAN, Sept. 7 (MNA) — The Islamic Republic has not made any decision on establishing ties with the United States or allowing the U.S. to open a diplomatic outpost in Tehran, Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani said here on Sunday. Larijani made the statement in response to MP Behrouz Jafari, who had asked him […]

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Spying on Other Democracies

Irancove @ September 5, 2008 # 3 Comments

Bush: And so we’re with you, Prime Minister [al Maliki]. We thank you for the courage of the Iraqi people. We expect there to be reconciliation and law, just like you expect there to be reconciliation and law. And I appreciate your time today. Appreciate your remarks yesterday; I thought they were strong remarks about […]

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Russian units raid Georgian airfields for use in Israeli strike against Iran

Irancove @ September 5, 2008 # 6 Comments

Debka: The raids were disclosed by UPI chief editor Arnaud de Borchgrave, who is also on the Washington Times staff, and picked up by the Iranian Fars news agency. The Russian raids of two Georgian airfields, which Tbilisi had allowed Israel to use for a potential strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities, followed the Georgian offensive […]

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RNC Film Links Iran to 9/11

Irancove @ September 5, 2008 # 2 Comments

According to Juan Cole: One of those slick films shown at the convention on Thursday commemorating the victims of 9/11 actually asserted that “it began in 1979” with the taking of US embassy personnel hostage in Tehran. The film then skipped over to the Sunni radicals. I can’t understand what the Iranian hostage crisis has […]

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Cheney, Georgia, Israel and Iran

Irancove @ September 5, 2008 # 4 Comments

Col. Pat Lang asks: Was there an agreement between Georgia and Israel for the use of Georgian airfields in strike(s) against Iran?  Did the two Israeli or former Israeli ministers in the Georgian government have anything to do with that if it existed?  What was Cheney’s role in this?

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“No US politician can risk being objective on these matters”

Irancove @ September 5, 2008 # Comments Off on “No US politician can risk being objective on these matters”

Paul Jay interviews Scott Ritter and Ray McGovern on the failure of the media to correctly cover Iran and more…

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Drill Baby Drill: Palin on Iran

Irancove @ September 4, 2008 # 6 Comments

Palin uses “threat” from Iran to promote domestic drilling: To confront the threat that Iran might seek to cut off nearly a fifth of world energy supplies … or that terrorists might strike again at the Abqaiq facility in Saudi Arabia … or that Venezuela might shut off its oil deliveries … we Americans need […]

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Israel-Georgia deal for Iran attack

Irancove @ September 3, 2008 # 7 Comments

by Arnaud De Borchgrave:  In a secret agreement between Israel and Georgia, two military airfields in southern Georgia had been earmarked for the use of Israeli fighter-bombers in the event of pre-emptive attacks against Iranian nuclear installations. This would sharply reduce the distance Israeli fighter-bombers would have to fly to hit targets in Iran. And […]

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Iranians to sue Dutch government for study ban

Irancove @ September 3, 2008 # 6 Comments

Press TV: A group of students and scientists are seeking to sue the Dutch government over banning Iranians from courses related to nuclear technology. According to the Dutch newspaper De Volkskrant , dozens of Iranian Dutch scholars held a demonstration at the University of Amsterdam on Monday over the politically motivated decision. The move came […]

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Bolton suggests Israel might attack Iran before Bush leaves office

Irancove @ September 3, 2008 # 3 Comments

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Toe the Line

Irancove @ September 2, 2008 # 2 Comments

Via JTA: Sarah Palin met with pro-Israel lobbyists to express her support for U.S.-Israel ties. […] McCain campaign spokesman Michael Goldfarb said Palin spoke about “the relationship between Israel and American national security, and the threats to Israel from Iran and others.” “She was extremely well received,” Goldfarb said, noting that Palin was interrupted by […]

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My bases are bigger than your country

Irancove @ September 2, 2008 # 2 Comments

See the slider-interactive map of US military bases here. What a Spread! Land occupied by US bases: 46,566 square miles* Land area of North Korea: 46,541 square miles Lessons From Rome Roman bases at empire’s peak (AD 117): 37 British bases at empire’s peak (1898): 36 US military sites overseas (2007): 761* In Germany: 268 […]

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The Dutch Connection

Irancove @ September 2, 2008 # 3 Comments

By Soraya Sepahpour-Ulrich The recent De Telegraaf article[i] ‘revealing’ the Dutch intelligence cooperation with the CIA is a propaganda piece aimed at undermining the credibility of the United Nations specialized agency, the IAEA, and its chief Mohammad ElBaradei’s findings on Iran’s peaceful civilian nuclear program. As importantly, it presents war as the solution to a […]

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Dutch predict US airstrikes, pull spies out of Iran

Irancove @ September 2, 2008 # 2 Comments

Press TV: The Dutch AIVD secret service has had an ultra-secret operation underway in Iran in recent years that was halted in connection with plans for a US attack on Iran. The respected newspaper De Telegraaf reported Friday the “ultra-secret operation” had as its aim infiltration and sabotage of the weapons industry in the Islamic […]

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Obama, Biden and Iran

Irancove @ September 1, 2008 # 4 Comments

Phyllis Bennis, Eric Margolis and Paul Heinbecker on McCain and Obama’s Iran policies.

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