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H.Con.Res 362 or Iran War Resolution is Inherently Provocative

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Policy analyst Sarah Ong responds to a letter by Rep. Schakowsky and her continued support for the much criticized Resolution 362:

Representative Schakowsky’s position on H.Con.Res. 362 highlights an important point that is really missing from the discourse on this resolution. While many have focused their critique of the resolution on Clause 3, demanding that the President impose harsh sanctions that would be difficult if not impossible to implement outside the context of using force, the resolution has broader implications. Even if this clause was changed or removed, the whole resolution is provocative and sends the wrong signal to Iran and to the Bush administration that Congress supports a more belligerent policy and, potentially, belligerent actions against, Iran. On the whole, the resolution is simply more of the same wrong-headed approach to dealing with Iran. It calls for more punitive measures without any incentives. Most importantly, H.Con.Res. 362 does not call for what is desperately needed now – direct, sustained, comprehensive negotiations without preconditions.

Irancove @ August 7, 2008

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