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CNN Waters Down Mofaz’s Comments on Attacking Iran

Irancove @ July 25, 2008 # 7 Comments

On June 6, following comments made by Israel’s transportation minister Shaul Mofaz that “attacking” Iran was “unavoidable,” CNN’s Ali Velshi (and the background graphics) diluted Mofaz’s belligerent comments by misquoting him as saying “Conflict with Iran is unavoidable.”  Velshi repeated the misquote several times during the broadcast.

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AP Falsely Claimed Iran Admitted Having a Nuclear Weapons Program

Irancove @ July 25, 2008 # 7 Comments

Don’t Bomb Iran has the details. Excerpt: Iran “admitted in 2002 that it had run a secret atomic weapons program for nearly two decades” Associated Press misinformed the world in a major story titled “Iran ends nuclear cooperation with UN nuclear arms probe”. There was no such admission nor evidence for such a claim. So […]

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Obama Adopts the “No Options Off the Table” Line on Iran

Irancove @ July 25, 2008 # 2 Comments

Helena Cobban at Just World News comments on Obama’s recent speech where he declared: “A nuclear Iran would be a game-changing situation not just in the Middle East but around the world.” .. [H]e was left to defend a proposal he made a year ago to negotiate with Iran. He said he would “take no […]

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