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McCain Camp Accuses Iran of “Unilateral Cowboy Summitry” on Iran

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In a bizarre twist of logic, McCain’s chief Policy adviser Randy Scheunemann (a former director of now defunct PNAC) accused Obama of “unilateral cowboy summitry” for his willingness to talk to the Iranian leadership. Read the details at Daniel Levy’s site. Excerpt:

First of all, summitry, especially with another country (and not just with other neoconservatives), tends by definition not to be unilateral. So if an Obama administration were to engage diplomatically with Tehran, then at the very least the outcome would be a bilateral event. The McCain folk really don’t know the first thing about diplomacy if they consider representatives of these two countries meeting to be a celebration of unilateralism.

The very idea within the McCain campaign to be trying to smear the other side with unilateralism almost beggars belief. The McCain team draws extensively on the same neoconservative group of individuals who have been the most aggressive opponents of working with multilateral institutions and the most earnest advocates of the U.S. going it alone.

Meanwhile, former US Ambassador to the United Nations Richard Holbrooke says that McCain takes a “harder line” toward Iraq, Iran and Russia than the Bush administration.

Senator McCain is running to the right of President Bush,” said Holbrooke, a supporter of McCain’s Democratic rival, Illinois Senator Barack Obama. He is taking very strong positions which really are neoconservative.

Irancove @ July 12, 2008

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