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McCain Camp Accuses Iran of “Unilateral Cowboy Summitry” on Iran

Irancove @ July 12, 2008 # One Comment

In a bizarre twist of logic, McCain’s chief Policy adviser Randy Scheunemann (a former director of now defunct PNAC) accused Obama of “unilateral cowboy summitry” for his willingness to talk to the Iranian leadership. Read the details at Daniel Levy’s site. Excerpt: First of all, summitry, especially with another country (and not just with other […]

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Hagee’s “Christians for Israel” Meet in DC, Seeking Conflict with iran

Irancove @ July 12, 2008 # 5 Comments

According to Robert Naiman of Common Dreams, Christians United for Israel (CUI), led in part by Pastor John Hagee, is holding its third annual Washington-Israel summit in Washington DC. Hagee is a firm supporter of AIPAC and John McCain—however, McCain rejected his endorsement when it was revealed that Hagee claimed that Adolf Hitler was fulfilling […]

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