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HR 362 and the Alarming Escalation of Hostility Towards Iran

Irancove @ July 8, 2008 # 2 Comments

Via Common Dreams by Alan Nasser: The current tension among political observers as to whether the U.S. and/or Israel will undertake military action against Iran before president Bush leaves office has been greatly intensified by the prospect that Congress will pass a frightening resolution, HR 362, as early as this week. The Demands of HR […]

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July 9 is National Call-In Day to Voice Opposition for Iran Blockade Resolution

Irancove @ July 8, 2008 # 4 Comments

Source: NIAC Wednesday, July 9 is a national call-in day for H.Con.Res 362, the blockade resolution.H.Con.Res.362 has over 220 cosponsors; is yours one? Call your member of Congress and ask him or her not to support a blockade on Iran. Congress is considering this bill at this very moment; now is the time to act […]

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McCain “Jokes” About Killing Iranians

Irancove @ July 8, 2008 # 7 Comments

Responding to a report that US exports to Iran grew more than tenfold during the Bush administration’s time in office (with cigarettes being the top export), Republican Presidential nominee John McCain responded: “Maybe thats a way of killing them.” He quickly caught himself, saying “I meant that as a joke” as his wife, Cindy, poked […]

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Seymour Hersh: US Training Jundullah and MEK for Bombing Preparation

Irancove @ July 8, 2008 # 3 Comments

According to an interview with Seymour Hersh, the US is training terrorist groups to cause chaos inside Iran, provoking an aggressive reaction from the Iranians, which will serve as a pretext for military action from the US. Source: CASMII Seymour Hersh: US Training Jondollah and MEK for Bombing preparation In an interview with NPR on […]

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US Exports to Iran Increased Under Bush

Irancove @ July 8, 2008 # 5 Comments

According to this article, exports grew more than tenfold during the Bush years.

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Conference: Omar Khayyam, Edward Fitzgerald and the Rubaiyat

Irancove @ July 8, 2008 # 2 Comments

This week-long conference to be held at Leyden and Cambridge celebrates the 200th anniversary of the birth of Edward FitzGerald (1809) and the 150th anniversary of the first publication of his famous Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam (1859). 2009 will be an opportunity to mark the unique achievements of this former Cambridge student (Trinity 1826-30) and […]

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