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Iranians Capture U.S. Spies

Irancove @ July 2, 2008 # 6 Comments

David Ignatius reports in the Washington Post: The danger of these cross-border activities was explained to me by one intelligence source. He said the Iranians had recently captured several dissident Iranian operatives who had been recruited by U.S. military officers inside Iraq and then sent into Iran. The Iranians, whose intelligence network inside Iraq is […]

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Sy Hersh on Al Jazeera

Irancove @ July 2, 2008 # 3 Comments

Link via Juan Cole:

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The Alternative to an Israeli Attack on Iran

Irancove @ July 2, 2008 # 3 Comments

Israel’s former Foreign Minister Shlomo Ben-Ami and NIAC President Trita Parsi on the flaws in the outlook of Tel Aviv and Washington toward Iran: Serious diplomacy, not military action, will bring regional security. from the July 2, 2008 edition Washington and Jerusalem – Is war between Israel and Iran inevitable? To listen to Iran’s radical […]

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