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NIAC: Tell your representative to say “no” to Iran war resolution

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Does Your representative support war with Iran?

You may be surprised at the answer; there are already over 169 cosponsors of H.Con.Res. 362.

This resolution demands that the president initiate an international effort to impose a land, sea, and air blockade on Iran to prevent it from importing gasoline and to subject all cargo entering or leaving Iran to stringent inspection requirements.

For such a blockade to be imposed without United Nations authority (which the resolution does not call for) would be considered an act of war. Some congressional sources say the House could vote on the resolution as early as this week.

Adoption of this resolution would pave the way for such a war and bypass diplomacy. Sensing that the threat of war has once again increased, IAEA Head El Baradei warned yesterday that he would resign if any country attacked Iran.

The immediate effect would be a further increase in oil prices – with gas prices in the US incing closer to $5/gallon and beyond.

Is your representative a cosponsor?

Email your representative today and ask him or her to oppose this measure for war!

Irancove @ June 23, 2008

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