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El Baradei to quit if Iran is attacked?

Irancove @ June 18, 2008 # One Comment

This report by PressTV claims El Baradei has threatened to step down if world powers launch an attack on Iran:  “Iran has provided the Agency with access to declared nuclear material and has provided the required nuclear material accountancy reports in connection with declared nuclear material and activities,” the report read. The report of ElBaradei’s […]

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Sanctions as Warfare

Irancove @ June 18, 2008 # 2 Comments

Daniel Pourkesali on sanctions: In the recent years economic sanctions have become a prime instrument of global dominance by a handful of major powers particularly the United States. With permanent membership status in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), they have managed to pass resolutions imposing sanctions on more than a dozen nations, including the […]

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