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Brown, Bush threaten new sanctions against Iran

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Via PressTV:

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown says Britain will take any necessary action to assure Iran is aware of the choice it should make.

“Today Britain will urge Europe, and Europe will agree to take further sanctions against Iran,” the prime minister said in a joint press conference with US President George W. Bush.

“We will take action today that will freeze the overseas assets of the biggest bank in Iran, the Melli bank, and secondly action will start today for a new phase of sanctions on oil and gas,” Brown added.

“Our message to Iran is: You do not have to choose the path of confrontation,” cautioned the British Prime Minister in London.

He noted that the international community awaits Iran’s response to the package of nuclear incentives drawn up by world powers, adding that the British government ‘will do everything possible to maintain the dialogue’.

“But we are also clear that if Iran continues to ignore (United Nations) resolutions, to ignore our offers of partnership, we have no choice but to intensify sanctions,” the prime minister said.

Despite Iran’s transparency in its nuclear issue and international reports conceding that Tehran is not running a nuclear weapons program, the West continues to threaten the Islamic Republic with intensified sanctions.

This is while Tehran has repeatedly asserted that as a signatory to the Non Proliferation Treaty (NPT) it is entitled to enrich uranium for peaceful purposes, adding that the country is not seeking to develop nuclear bombs as such weapons have no place in its defense doctrine 

Irancove @ June 16, 2008

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