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Neocon: If Obama Wins, Iran War Definite

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Daniel Pipes says Bush will attack Iran before the end of his term if Obama wins.  You can watch video of the interview at infowars.


Neoconservative political analyst Daniel Pipes says if a Democratic nominee becomes president, Iran should ‘watch out’ for a US attack.

In an interview with National Review Online, Pipes said in case Democratic nominee-to-be Barack Obama becomes president, President George W. Bush would take matters into his own hands and declare war on Tehran.

“What I suspect will be the case is, should the Democratic nominee win in November, President Bush will do something. And should it be Mr. McCain that wins, he’ll punt, and let McCain decide what to do,” said Pipes.

He called on powers such as Russia and China to prevent a US unilateral strike by helping Washington increase pressure on Tehran.

“Look, if you don’t want an American attack, then you have to join us in being very serious with the Iranians and making clear to them we will attack if they don’t stop.”

Irancove @ June 9, 2008

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