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    […] expert Gary Sick responds to an op-ed by John Bolton that appears in the war mongering WSJ.  Bolton has been aggressively promoting some combination of regime change, sanctions or […]

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Michael Ledeen in the WSJ

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Michael Ledeen’s sensationalist article titled “Iran and the Problem of Evil” predictably appears in Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal. Like Amir Taheri’s article “The Problem With Talking to Iran”—which appeared in the WSJ two weeks ago—Michael Ledeen has a long and reprehensible history of deception and warmongering regarding Iran which is detailed here, here and here.

Once again, publishing Ledeen’s article is a clear indicator of the WSJ’s shoddy standards. Jim Lobe’s response to Ledeen’s article is available on his weblog.

Irancove @ June 8, 2008

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