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Gallup Poll Confirms Majority of Americans Favor Diplomacy with Iran

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NIAC has the details:

According to a recent Gallup poll, 59% of Americans think it is a good idea for the President of the United States to meet with the President of Iran, and 67% support meeting with the leaders of countries considered enemies of the United States.

For months, the presidential campaigns and members of Congress have focused on the question of whether to negotiate with countries hostile to the United States. This poll indicates a strong majority of Americans prefer a US policy characterized by engagement with other countries rather than one that pursues diplomatic isolation. A recent University of California-Berkeley poll reflecting IranianAmericans’ views showed strikingly similar results, with 66% supporting diplomacy with Iran.

Among those polled during Gallup’s May 19-21 survey, 71% of Democrats and 58% of Independents favor discussions with Iran. Nearly half of all Republicans support negotiations with Iran as well.

In general, Americans’ views on the President meeting leaders of foreign countries considered enemies of the United States are even more affirming of diplomatic engagement. Of those polled, 79% of Democrats and 70% of Independents think it is a good idea, with 48% of Republicans agreeing as well. These new figures add weight to the already significant number of people calling for a new Iran policy centered on diplomacy.

“The Gallup poll confirms what many already knew – the American people and the Iranian-American community support diplomacy as the best approach to resolve conflicts,” said Babak Talebi, Director of Community Relations at the National Iranian American Council. “Decision-makers in Washington should heed the will of the American people.”

Irancove @ June 5, 2008

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