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McCain’s Dishonest Iran Rhetoric

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Greg Sargent from Talking Points Memo points to the demagoguery of John McCain concerning Iran’s leadership.

It should be noted that McCain “quotes” Ahmadinejad on “wiping Israel off the map,” but this has been repeatedly proven to be a mistranslation. Does McCain not know this? If not, is he fit to run for president? Or is he determined to start another war based on deliberate misinformation and false presumptions?

McCain: I Can Demagogue About Iran Because Public Is Ignorant

Okay, that’s not quite what he said, but pretty darn close.

Time magazine’s Joe Klein points us to a YouTube of him grilling John McCain yesterday about his attacks on Barack Obama over Iran.

McCain has been blasting Obama for his willingness to meet with Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. But in questioning McCain yesterday, Klein pointed out: “According to most diplomatic experts, the supreme leader, Ali Khamenei, is the guy who’s in charge of Iranian foreign policy, and also in charge of the nuclear program.”

“Why do you always keep on talking about Ahmadinejad, since he doesn’t have power in that realm?” Klein asked.

The key line comes at the very end, when McCain says: “I think if you asked any average American who the leader of Iran is, I think they’d know.”

Translation: I know I can count on Americans thinking that Ahmadinejad is the leader of Iran, so the reality doesn’t matter a whit.

Seriously, it’s either that or McCain genuinely believes what he said here. To state the obvious, neither is terribly confidence-inspiring…

Irancove @ May 20, 2008

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