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Legal mist stokes US-Iran tensions in strait

Irancove @ January 16, 2008 # 3 Comments

Very interesting article by Kaveh Afrasiabi on the legal ramifications of the strait “incident:” The recent, and escalating, tension between Iran and the US in the narrow corridor of the Strait of Hormuz has once again drawn attention to the strait’s international maritime status, and to the ramifications of this tension as a flashpoint in […]

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IAPAC’s 2008 Presidential Election Center

Irancove @ January 16, 2008 # 5 Comments

See IAPAC’s compilation of the 2008 presidential candidates for the Democratic and Republican primaries.  Profiles include the candidates positions on civil liberties, immigration and US-Iran relations.

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NIAC Guide: Presidential Candidate Postions on US-Iran Relations

Irancove @ January 16, 2008 # 3 Comments

NIAC profiles the presidential candidates’ positions on Iran.  See NIAC’s page for more details on each candidate. As the presidential elections draw near, Iranian Americans are faced with the challenge of gleaning candidate positions on Iran amidst a blur of sound bytes and vague rhetoric. Iran remains a key issue in both Republican and Democratic […]

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US plans to sell $120 million of sophisticated bombs to Saudi Arabia to counter Iran

Irancove @ January 16, 2008 # 17 Comments

Amy Goodman of Democracy Now! interviews Craig Under, author of “House of Bush, House of Saud” about the sale of sophisticated weaponry to Israel and Arab states to isolate Iran. AMY GOODMAN: The Bush administration has announced plans to sell Saudi Arabia around $120 million in sophisticated bombs. The sale would come as part of […]

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