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US Navy has no direct line of communication with Iranian navy

Irancove @ January 13, 2008 # One Comment

The Daily Kos reports on the escalation in the Persian Gulf and possible disastrous consequences stemming from an excessive anti-Iranian policy.  Excerpt: So how do you minimize the risk that a minor flashpoint will escalate quickly into a grave crisis? Not this way. (Chief of Naval Operations) Admiral Roughead said he worried such behavior could […]

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Is US Iran Policy Moderating?

Irancove @ January 13, 2008 # One Comment

Intelligence report from Swoop: In May 2006 the US offered conditional talks with Iran, the condition being that Iran agreed to suspend its uranium enrichment activities. Our Administration contacts now tell us that an active debate is underway about whether to soften that condition so as to allow direct talks with Tehran. The publication in […]

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“Filipino Monkey” behind radio threats in Persian Gulf?

Irancove @ January 13, 2008 # 7 Comments

The Navy Times reports on a mysterious prankster known as ‘The Filipino Monkey’ who apparently has a history of shouting insults and making spurious threats over the radio to ships in the Persian Gulf. Considering that the official video of the incident released by the US combines separate video and audio tracks—and is very different […]

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“If Americans Are Wise They Would Not Meddle in Iran’s Affairs”

Irancove @ January 13, 2008 # 6 Comments

Originally posted by Farideh Farhi at ICGA: Calling for the American use of wisdom was Gholamali Haddad Adel, the conservative speaker of the parliament, as he was registering as a candidate for the upcoming March 14 parliamentary elections. “Last time Bush also advised people not to participate in the elections. His suggestions this time will […]

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