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Shift in Focus?

Irancove @ December 3, 2007 # 11 Comments

Washington Post, December 2007 “Tehran’s decision to halt its nuclear weapons program suggests it is less determined to develop nuclear weapons than we have been judging since 2005,” according to one of the key judgments of the new assessment. Two years ago, the intelligence community said publicly that it had “high confidence that Iran was […]

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Worst Week Ever for Rudy Giuliani

Irancove @ December 2, 2007 # One Comment

TPM’s Steve Benen compiles a day-to-day account of a very bad week for the Republican presidential candidate.

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Preserve Internet Liberty

Irancove @ December 2, 2007 # 5 Comments

Juan Cole has a very timely post about the efforts of corporations to monopolize the internet, ending the bubble of net neutrality—or “internet liberty” as Cole dubs it—that we enjoy today. So how could they Corporatize the internet and exclude our voices? They could set it up so that, for instance, if you couldn’t come […]

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It’s Time to Talk About Israel’s Nukes, and Ours Too

Irancove @ December 2, 2007 # 4 Comments

Via SF Gate:  What is surprising is that there is almost never any public discussion in the United States, and certainly none in the White House or the Congress, about these weapons. Is there any understanding between Israel and the United States, its principal source of military aid, about their use? If so, does the […]

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The Westminster Committee on Iran

Irancove @ December 1, 2007 # 8 Comments

A reader sent the following press release from a group called the Westminster Committee on Iran, launched to monitor anti-Iran bias in the British press. PRESS RELEASE – Anti-Iranian Media Bias revealed in new survey Embargoed 1st December 2007 A new report published today suggests that the portrayal of Iran in the British print media […]

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Bahram Rajaee: An Inconvenient Reality

Irancove @ December 1, 2007 # 4 Comments

The following is an excerpt from a NIAC memo by Bahram Rajaee. Read the whole thing here. In recent months Iran has apparently honored its commitment made to the Iraqi government to reduce the flow of weapons — in particular, the deadly Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) known as Explosively Formed Penetrators (EFPs) — into Iraq. […]

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