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Israel plans to “correct” the Iran NIE

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Col. Pat Lang weighs in on Avi Dichter’s remarks declaring that the Iran intel casts doubt on the American intelligence community.  Dichter invoked the specter of the Yom Kippur war to raise fears of an Iranian attack on Israel.

Yup.  Tail wags dog.  Mouse gives diving eagle the finger.  Dog bites the hand, etc.

Israeli intelligence has been the foster child of American government for so long it is impossible to remember when anything was different.  I suppose before ’56….  Maybe.

The reference to the “Yom Kippur War” is amusing since the surprise experienced by Israel was entirely the product of their own analytic failure.

In any event, now they have a satellite or two and they have arrived at their own theory of the state of mind of the Iranians.  In that context, their officials speak grandly of “the American misconception of Iran’s nuclear weapons.”  My.  My.

In fact what happened is that the US intelligence community punctured the balloon of illusion concerning Iran’s programs  That balloon had been skilfully painted in gaudy colors that fit the Israeli “misconception” of the world.  Now there is unbridled rage among the Jacobins, the Cheneyites and the Israeli government over an unexpected failure.

I hear that the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff is going to make a visit to Israel.  The Israelis actually say that they will make a maximum pitch to him for repudiation of the intelligence community’s work.  That should be interesting since a lot of the intelligence community belongs to the Defense Department.

Then, there is the visit of the president, supposed to occur in January.  Israelis  have told me that he must be going there to coordinate the next moves in the Iran game.  I told them that they should believe that his trip is connected to a renewed peace process.

They found that amusing.  They do not believe there really is a peace process.  pl

Irancove @ December 16, 2007

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