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Kissinger vs. the Intelligence People

Irancove @ December 13, 2007 # 6 Comments

Pat Lang has an excellent post responding to Kissinger’s piece in the Washington Post on the subject of the Iran NIE: Henry the “K” has (until now) managed to disguise his relationship to the neocon Jacobins who seek the “perfection of mankind”  through political scheming and open warfare.  Through the skillful use of avuncular editorials, […]

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Key Neo-Cons Giving Up on Attacking Iran?

Irancove @ December 13, 2007 # 6 Comments

Jim Lobe reports on a split in the issue of the NIE and prospects of attacking Iran before the end of President Bush’s term among the neoconservatives.  Robert Kagan is now in favor of negotiating with Iran, and Bill Kristol has also given up on the prospect of attacking Iran. Not only does he [Kagan] […]

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