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Juan Cole on the Tribal Sheikh Petition Against Iran

Irancove @ November 24, 2007 # 6 Comments

Juan Cole offers indispensable behind the story of a petition authored by Shiite Tribal Sheikhs—and backed by terrorist organization the MKO—to evict Iran from southern Iraq. The tribal sheikhs of southern Iraq who have gotten up a petition against Iranian influence in their region should be viewed with some suspicion. I heard supporters of the […]

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Do the Democrats have a different answer on Iran?

Irancove @ November 24, 2007 # 6 Comments

Via The Real News, Noam Chomsky on Democrats and Iran:

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American Scientist Rudolf Jaenisch Talks About Stem-Cell Researchers in Iran

Irancove @ November 24, 2007 # 4 Comments

Via Payvand: Tehran, Oct 31, IRNA – Enthusiastic stem-cell researchers in Iran face plentiful funding but a shortage of equipment, Nature weekly journal of science said quoting American scientist Rudolf Jaenisch. “During my time in Tehran, I encountered only enthusiasm and hospitality. Other Westerners, such as Emory University’s Sarah Berga, who has spoken at this […]

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The Brian Kilmeade of 2003 Has Not Gone Anywhere

Irancove @ November 24, 2007 # One Comment

This is an interesting clip from Fox and Friends where Janeane Garofalo counters the idiotic arguments of Brian Kilmeade just prior to the invasion of Iraq—the same Fox News host who is now calling for the US to support terrorists to detonate car bombs in Tehran.

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