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More Inane Beligerence from John Bolton

Irancove @ November 21, 2007 # 3 Comments

Speaking to an audience at the neoconservative think thank The American Enterprise Institute, John Bolton declared that regime change and targeted military strikes are the only two options facing the US in regards to Iran. Bolton—who was appointed by President Bush as US Ambassador to the UN though he never received Senate approval to confirm […]

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Noam Chomsky on U.S. Policy Towards Iran

Irancove @ November 21, 2007 # 5 Comments

Via the Real News, Noam Chomsky discusses Iran with Paul Jay: PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR: ElBaradei, is the head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, stated quite definitively there is no evidence of a nuclear weapons program in Iran. The recent resolution—the Kyle-Lieberman amendment—and the recent U.S. sanctions against Iran, which one of the charges […]

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Nuclear Materials! 75 Times! At Least!

Irancove @ November 21, 2007 # 3 Comments

The following was submitted by a reader as a response to a New York Times article claiming “Iran was blocked from buying nuclear materials at least 75 times.” On Nov 16, The New York Times published an article entitled “Iran Blocked from Buying Nuclear Materials at Least 75 Times, Group Reports”. Has Iran been knocking […]

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The Lies of Amir Taheri

Irancove @ November 21, 2007 # 4 Comments

Scholar Shaul Bakhash recently discovered that a quote used by radical neoconservative Norman Podhoretz to claim that Iran is “undeterrable” (a variation of the “mad mullah” theory) came from known fabricator Amir Taheri.  Mother Jones’ Jonathan Schwarz has compiled a short summary of some of Taheri’s other fabrications: The Amir Taheri Story Amir Taheri is […]

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Adrian Levy: The US Secretly Helped Pakistan Build Its Nuclear Arsenal

Irancove @ November 21, 2007 # 3 Comments

Adrian Levy on Democracy Now!: Up until 1979, the whole of the world – the western world – was against Pakistan’s program and did everything it could to inderdict that program, fearing instability of Pakistan; fearing a nuclear arms race between Pakistan and India. In fact, at one point, the CIA and the Pentagon looked […]

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Iran Agrees to New Round of Talks With US

Irancove @ November 21, 2007 # 13 Comments

Source:  AFP TEHRAN (AFP) — Iran said on Tuesday it has agreed to a new round of talks with the United States on improving security in Iraq, despite mounting tensions between the two arch foes over Iran’s nuclear drive. The announcement came after the United States said Iran has stemmed the flow of weapons and […]

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