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Only 10 out of 800 Iraqis Who Helped US Recieved Visas

Irancove @ November 16, 2007 # 6 Comments

Source: Slate On a related note, this article has more on Iraqi refugees in general.  This post by Riverbend recounts the personal experiences of the author adjusting to life in Syria. Bush’s outrageous neglect of Iraqi refugees: One of the great looming disasters of the war in Iraq, a moral abdication of immense proportion, is […]

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IAEA Report Misrepresented by Press

Irancove @ November 16, 2007 # No Comment Yet

Cyrus Safdari has a nice series of posts on the distortion from the press on the new IAEA report about Iran’s nuclear activities.

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Germany Considering Unilateral Sanctions Against Iran

Irancove @ November 16, 2007 # 3 Comments

Reacting to a positive IAEA report—dismissed by the US—on Iran’s nuclear program, Germany is considering unilateral sanctions against Iran for not suspending its enrichment process—a right all NPT signatories have. BERLIN, Nov 16 (Reuters) – Germany would consider the possibility of separate EU measures against Iran if the U.N. Security Council fails to agree on […]

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