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Iran not in clear if U.N. report only partly good: U.S

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This article by Reuters presents some reactions from those pushing for more sanctions and war with Iran. In anticipation of the soon to be released IAEA report, Shaul Mofaz has already called for Mohammad ElBaradei to be fired.

Similarly, the Reuters article cites “some diplomats” who are accusing the Iranians of just cooperating enough to win a Chinese and Russian veto against another round of sanctions. The article does not mention any specifics—or what exactly these diplomats are looking for, which they are ostensibly not getting  from the yet to be published IAEA report. This hazy measuring reveals a gross bias that places Iran under a constant cloud of suspicion formed solely by the words of those who want to attack it.

Some diplomats said the IAEA report could cite just enough new examples of Iranian cooperation for Russia and China to argue for further deferral of sanctions to allow more time for the transparency process, which has no deadlines, to work.

“The IAEA report won’t be too bad for the Iranians,” said a European diplomat accredited to the IAEA.

“The end result will make it very difficult for the six (powers) to speak in one voice on the next steps, because the report may be enough to satisfy some, but not satisfy others.”

This same kind of rhetoric is apparent in this article in the LA Times.

Gregory L. Schulte, the U.S. envoy to the IAEA, said today that the United States will keep pushing for harsher sanctions, even if the watchdog group reports partial cooperation by Iran.

“Selective cooperation is not good enough,” Schulte told reporters in Vienna. “When we read this report and evaluate Iran’s cooperation, the standard we will look for is full disclosure and also a full suspension of their proliferation-sensitive activities.”

Irancove @ November 14, 2007

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