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Aijaz Ahmad: Can the U.S. hear ElBaradei over the noise they are making about Iran?

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ElBaradei: “I have not received any information that there is a concrete, active nuclear program [in Iran] going on right now.”

This clip by The Real News Network examines the substandard coverage of the Iranian nuclear issue by the American media, and clarifies some points which are muddled by the reporting. Aijaz Ahmad claims “The position the IAEA is taking explicitly and implicitly undercuts the basic presumptions of US foreign policy—and not only presumptions, but contemplated actions.”

Based in New Delhi, Aijaz Ahmad is The Real News Network Senior News Analyst and Senior Editorial Consultant and political commentator for the Indian newsmagazine, Frontline. He has taught Political Science and written widely on South Asia and the Middle East.

Irancove @ November 12, 2007

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