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Sleep-Walking to War with Iran

Irancove @ November 11, 2007 # 4 Comments

Source: The Guardian Even at Harvard, that bastion of east coast intellectual liberalism, a dangerous mixture of ignorance and belligerency towards Iran swirls through the hallways of America’s premier university. Although the Middle East geopolitical focus shifted east to the Gulf in 2003, most policy talks at Harvard still focus on the Arab-Israeli conflict. Well-informed […]

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Washington Tells EU firms: Quit Iran Now

Irancove @ November 11, 2007 # One Comment

This article in the Guardian explains how the US—with the cooperation of Britain and Germany—is pressuring European companies to stop doing business with Iran. European operators are facing threats from Washington that they could jeopardise their US interests by continuing to deal with Tehran, with increasing evidence that European governments, mainly France, Germany and Britain, […]

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