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On Allegations That the Qods force is Aiding the Taliban

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Iran’s alleged support for the Taliban is cited as an important reason for the new unilateral sanctions imposed on Iran by the US. This charge raises some eyebrows because Iran, a Shiite nation is ideologically opposed to the Sunni Taliban. Iran helped the US overthrow the Taliban and had been supporting the Northern Alliance resistance movement before the US arrived.

Iran and Afghanistan almost fought a war over Iranian diplomats who were murdered by the Taliban in 1998. In fact, the only three countries to recognize the Taliban were strong US allies: Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Pakistan.

Despite all this, Iran is still conspicuously blamed for supporting the Taliban. This article declares that the Treasury Department “laid out specific details of that alleged support to justify designating the Quds Force as a supporter of terrorism,” but does not mention what these “specific details” are.

The next sentence is just a repeat of the allegation with no evidence to support it:

“Since at least 2006, Iran has arranged frequent shipments of small arms and associated ammunition, rocket propelled grenades, mortar rounds, 107 mm rockets, plastic explosives, and probably man-portable defense systems to the Taliban,” the statement said.

Irancove @ November 9, 2007

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