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Deescalate with Iran: Free the Irbil Five

Irancove @ November 3, 2007 # No Comment Yet

Robert Naiman at the Huffington Post makes a good point regarding the five Iranian officials who were in Iraq by invitation from the Iraqi government but detained by US forces. Naiman calls for their release: …the Iraqi government has called for their release. The Iraqi government is sovereign, right? If the Iraqi government is sovereign, […]

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Fox Calls for Terrorist Car Bombings in Tehran

Irancove @ November 3, 2007 # 5 Comments

In the clip below, Fox and Friends’ Brian Kilmeade openly calls for US support for acts of terrorism—such as car bombings—in Tehran. His criminal remarks are a direct offense to victims of terrorism all around the world and render Kilmeade morally equivalent to terrorist groups like al Qaeda which he ostensibly denounces. Incidentally, the Bush […]

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