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Iran Subject of Fierce Debate Between Obama and Clinton

Irancove @ November 1, 2007 # 4 Comments

Democratic presidential candidates Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama quarreled over a letter signed by Clinton warning president Bush that he does not have the authority to attack Iran. Obama did not sign the letter and instead introduced legislation nullifying the recent resolution—originally supported by Clinton—which according to critics unwisely labels Iran’s Revolutionary Guards as a […]

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Revolutionary Guards Revisionism?

Irancove @ November 1, 2007 # 5 Comments

This article in the Guardian makes an accurate point on the charge that the Revolutionary Guards are “proliferators of WMD.”  This accusation is part of the rationale behind the new unilateral sanctions imposed by the US, which among other measures designates a part of Iran’s national army—the Revolutionary Guards—as a terrorist organization. As a justification […]

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Ray McGovern: Attacking Iran for Israel?

Irancove @ November 1, 2007 # 6 Comments

In an excellent article describing the Busy/Cheney relationship to Israel’s leadership, CIA officer Ray McGovern reports on Washington’s conspicuously belligerent rhetoric toward Iran. He describes disaster to the region and beyond following Iran’s retaliation of any attack: Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is at her mushroom-cloud hyperbolic best, and this time Iran is the target. […]

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