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Neoconservatives and the MEK

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Jim Lobe writes about the support some neoconservatives like David Horowitz (founder of “Islamofascism Awareness Week”) and Daniel Pipes (Giuliani adviser) have for the MEK (Mujahedin e Khalq)—a group listed on the US list of “terrorist organizations.

The MEK’s biggest Washington booster is a group led by former National Security Council aide and Georgetown University professor Ray Tanter and former CIA analyst Claire Lopez called the Iran Policy Committee (IPC) which refers to the MEK and its many front organizations as Iran’s most important democratic “opposition.” A former top Freedom House official, Bruce McColm, is also very involved, as are some extremely hawkish retired generals — some, not surprisingly, associated with Frank Gaffney’s Center for Security Policy (CSP) — who have called for bombing Iran for several years now. The IPC insists that the MEK is not a terrorist group, has never specifically targeted Americans, and grew out of its anti-Americanism even before Islamic Revolution that ousted the Shah. (That wasn’t the impression I had when I spent a week in Tehran in September 1979.)

Incidentally, IPS hopes to offer some coverage of the Week’s events in the coming days.

For excellent background on the MEK, read Danny Postel’s post here.

Irancove @ October 28, 2007

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