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The $88 Million Dollar Bomb

Irancove @ October 28, 2007 # 6 Comments

As accusations against the perceived Iranian threat continue from pro-war advocates in Washington, it is important to note new weapon system developments in the US. In the short clip below, CNN’s Barbara Starr reports on what is described as an “urgent operational need” by the Pentagon to develop an $88 million dollar, 30,000lb bomb—which according […]

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Neoconservatives and the MEK

Irancove @ October 28, 2007 # One Comment

Jim Lobe writes about the support some neoconservatives like David Horowitz (founder of “Islamofascism Awareness Week”) and Daniel Pipes (Giuliani adviser) have for the MEK (Mujahedin e Khalq)—a group listed on the US list of “terrorist organizations.” The MEK’s biggest Washington booster is a group led by former National Security Council aide and Georgetown University […]

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