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Will Europe Follow US in Imposing Sanctions on Iran?

Irancove @ October 27, 2007 # 5 Comments

This article in the LA Times makes clear that the recent unilateral sanctions on Iran by the US will have little effect unless Europe—Iran’s biggest trading partner—follows suit.  It seems the British are strongly supporting the push for sanctions, however, as noted Europe also has much at stake in the gambit—namely, losing contracts to Russian […]

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AEI: “I don’t mind if we bomb [Iran] next month or the month after…

Irancove @ October 27, 2007 # 14 Comments

The following exchange between Hardball host Chris Matthews and neoconservative Joshua Muravchik of the American Enterprise Institute over bombing Iran reveals the complete intellectual bankruptcy of special interest groups like the AEI. Muravchik is long time pusher for regime change in Iran and signatory of many letters of the Project for a New American Century. […]

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