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Pro-War Neoconservative Defends “Democracy Funding” and Attacks the NIAC

Irancove @ October 19, 2007 # 8 Comments

In an op-ed in the Washington Post, Michael Rubin—an advocate of the Iraq war and recent Giuliani foreign policy adviser—responded to the near unanimous objection from Iranian groups towards “democracy funding” by the US government. This plan is designed to allocate up to $75 million to push regime change in Iran. Given the long and […]

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Bill O’Reilly: “Terror Warrior Kinda Stuff”

Irancove @ October 19, 2007 # No Comment Yet

In the short clip below, Bill O’Reilly advises Republican candidates to push a belligerent tone against Iran followed by a small clip of former chief UN weapons inspector, Scott Ritter, warning about the possibility of a nuclear attack on Iran.

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