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The Chemical Victims of Iran: The Forgotten Casualties of the Iran-Iraq War

Irancove @ October 18, 2007 # 5 Comments

Kamin Mohammadi on Iran’s civilian victims of chemical attacks from the Iran-Iraq war. The entire article is worth a read: Parvin Vahedi, a voluptuous young woman of 19 with olive skin and sweeping eyelashes, was showering when the bombers came. It was late afternoon, but she was the only one up. She was enjoying the […]

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Farhi on Putin’s Trip to Tehran

Irancove @ October 18, 2007 # 3 Comments

Farideh Farhi comments on Putin’s trip to Tehran.: The most significant aspect of Putin’s trip to Tehran, from the Iranian leadership’s point of view, was that it took place at all, despite Washington’s hope for and, in all likelihood, expectation of last minute cancellation. This is why the trip is being touted as a success […]

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