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A Sober Analysis of Iran

Irancove @ October 16, 2007 # No Comment Yet

Trita Parsi on Iran-Israel relations: “…Today, Tehran believes that its ideological and strategic imperatives coincide in regards to the Jewish state. On a strategic level, Iran opposes Israel due to a perception that the Jewish state seeks Iran’s prolonged isolation and exclusion from regional affairs. Whether in Washington or in Ashkhabad, Iran perceives Israel to […]

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Why, Senator Clinton?

Irancove @ October 16, 2007 # No Comment Yet

The Real News asks Senator Clinton some very good questions about her vote in support of the Kyl-Lieberman amendment. Five days after her vote and after much criticism, Clinton co-sponsored a bill with Jim Webb to be reintroduced to the floor seeking congressional authorization before aggressive military action. As noted by TRN, Article I, Section […]

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