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Mearsheimer, Foxman on Israel Lobby and Iran War

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John Mearsheimer, coauthor of the influential book The Israel Lobby; and Abraham Foxman, chairman of the Anti Defamation League appeared on the Jim Lehrer Newshour to debate the merits of the argument presented in The Israel Lobby, which claims that the lobby is pushing the US to war with Iran.

Mearsheimer states:

If you look around the world, there’s only one country tha t is actively pushing the United states to seriously consider miltiary action against Iran—and that country is Israel…furthermore if you look at who the voices are inside the United States who are pushing for using military force against Iran, it’s essentially the same cast of characters who pushed for war againts Iraq; and most of those people—certainly not all of them—but most of them are in the lobby.

Watch the short clip to hear more of Mearsheimer’s statement and Foxman’s criticisms.

Irancove @ October 14, 2007

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