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Analysis of Clinton Vote in Support of Kyl-Lieberman

Irancove @ October 13, 2007 # No Comment Yet

Helene Cooper reports: …Part of the reason for Mrs. Clinton’s vote, some of her backers say privately, is that she has already shifted from primary mode, when she needs to guard against critics from the left, to general election mode, when she must guard against critics from the right. That means she is trying to […]

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Naomi Klein on the Three Privatization Strategies and Iraq

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Author Naomi Klein describes the three privatization strategies espoused by the architects of the Iraq war. According to Klein, they include privatization of Iraq’s businesses, oil fields and the US military. Klein recently completed a new book called “The Shock Doctrine.” Watch the short clip below for more: Watch Alfonso Cuarón’s short film—with Klein’s narration—on […]

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The Return of Col. Jack Jacobs

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MSNBC’s Military analyst recently made several appearances in two consecutive days to discuss his briefing with the Pentagon, advocating bombing selected targets inside Iran “as soon as possible.” Interestingly as he made his rounds the following day, Jacobs’ tone shifts suggesting talks with Iran’s more moderate factions. Although Jacobs is only a military analyst (pundit) […]

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The Story of Iranian Oil and Israeli Pipes

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Via Haaretz : In recent months, Israel and Iran have been playing a game of cat-and-mouse. This is not the predictable game of intelligence, counter-espionage and field security. Such games have been taking place for years. Israel’s intelligence community tries to obtain information about the development of Iran’s nuclear program, and is preparing in case […]

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