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Iran War Advocate Michael Rubin Part of Giuliani’s Foreign Policy Team

Irancove @ October 11, 2007 # No Comment Yet

Rudy Giuliani’s foreign policy team which includes infamous neoconservatives like Norman Podhoretz just added Michael Rubin to the foreign policy adviser team. As Josh Marshall notes: I really don’t know how to describe Rubin for those who aren’t familiar with him. He worked at Doug Feith’s Office of Special Plans. But that hardly does the […]

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Groups Tell Washington to Cut Iran “Democracy Funding”

Irancove @ October 11, 2007 # No Comment Yet

The Washington Posts’ Robin Wright reports: More than two dozen Iranian American and human rights groups have launched an appeal to Congress to reduce or eliminate new financial support of up to $75 million aimed at promoting democracy inside Iran. The U.S. program, launched in 2006, backfired in its first year, undermining democracy efforts in […]

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On Releasing “The Irbil Five”

Irancove @ October 11, 2007 # No Comment Yet

Jim Lobe highlights the political implications behind the decision to release or hold-on to the five Iranian diplomats who were detained by US forces in Irbil: An important indication of where the balance of power within the administration stands vis-a-vis Iran policy is likely to emerge in the next week or two when a decision […]

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